About Me

I am a curious, self-driven Product Manager with a background in UX Design and library based project management, where I’ve championed for the user, equity and access. 

Who I Am

To me, good product keeps the user at its very heart and creates meaningful solutions that empower and enrich lives while returning value to the business.  A huge believer in the power of human-centered design to change communities, I used design thinking throughout my seven years as a professional librarian to build empathy with stakeholders at all levels and deliver value to our users through customized experiences and meaningful services.

Moving into product and user experience was a natural progression for me.  I care deeply about the user and working with them to solve problems in ways, and contexts, that make sense to them.  I am a champion for equity and access and believe in “meeting people where they are.” By beginning and ending with the user, we can create empowering solutions that push the world forward.


shathaway.ux@gmail.com || 419-619-2128

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